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Liver King's Barbarian Workout Kit
  • Unlock Primal Power: The Essential Toolkit for the Barbarian Workout
  • Marked by 'The Fittest' Emblem: Wear Your Strength Like a Badge of Honor
  • Built to Last: Forged from Premium Materials for Maximum Durability
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Barbarian Kit
Finally, a workout kit that pushes you to your limits.
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Barbarian Workout Kit

Get your hands on Liver King's legendary workout system and push your limits with the included branded kettlebells, sled, backpack, and ankle weights. Conquer any challenge and become a true Barbarian!

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Forget those puny dumbbells. We're talking about 70-pound kettlebells made to demolish your limits. These aren't just kettlebells; they're wrecking balls for your comfort zone. Crafted from the finest materials, they're built to withstand even the most savage of workouts. Swing 'em, lift 'em, or hoist 'em overhead—you'll feel the raw power coursing through your veins. Get ready to unlock a level of strength you didn't know existed.


Unleash the ultimate in primal performance with this beast of a backpack. Engineered to hold up to 70 pounds, this isn't your mama's carry-on. Load it up and feel the weight—the glorious, challenging weight—that your ancestors carried on their backs. Forge resilience with every step, every squat, every lunge. The path to barbaric strength starts here!


Think you're tough? Strap into our 120-pound sled and prove it. Built for the hardcore, this sled isn't just equipment; it's a battlefield where only the fittest survive. Load it up and dig in your heels. Whether you're sprinting, pushing, or dragging, you're not just moving weight—you're moving mountains. Tear through plateaus and unleash your inner warrior. This is where men are separated from boys.

Ankle Weights

Don't underestimate these 10-pound titans. Strap 'em on and feel the gravitational pull that'll forge your lower body into an unbreakable foundation. Designed for durability and performance, these ankle weights are the chains that'll set you free. Amp up your squats, lunges, and kicks, and build legs worthy of a true barbarian. This isn't child's play; it's the crucible that'll refine your strength and stamina.

"Just when you think you've hit a wall, the Barbarian Workout Kit pushes you to break through it."
Liver King doing the Barbarian Workout
Cutout of mountains