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Muscle Gain Stack

Muscle Gain Stack

Get the most out of your blood-burning workouts to achieve maximum gains
1 Whole Feast (Chocolate or Vanilla), 1 King or Queen, 2 boxes of Liver King Bars
  • KING - TESTICLES because ancient Olympians got their pre-games hormone boost from chewing raw animal testicles containing substances that enhance vigor, vitality and virility to optimize testicular function, testosterone, hormone health, strength and libido. Testicle containing orchic extract is nature's most concentrated source of virility (strength, energy, drive). Aids in the metabolic health of the whole package, rich in peptides, enzymes and stem cells specific to testes. “Top King” status awaits.
  • QUEEN- OVARY is nature's most concentrated source of feminine power and where the lioness draws her dominance… supports fertility, hormone balance, libido, mood, drive and performance. Contains proteins, peptides, enzymes, stem cells and base cells specific to ovaries and aids in the metabolic health of these golden glands which are responsible for all-things female in nature including women-specific tissue development, body shape, menstrual cycle and pregnancy. “Queen Bee” status awaits!
  • WHOLE FEAST because the baddest native warriors to ever walk the earth, The Cree, ate raw bison liver to gain the power of the bison. Animal-based, 100% natural, Sweden-sourced, grass-fed beef protein isolate (anthesis of vegan friendly) packed with all 8 essential amino acids, all 3 BCAAs and loads of naturally occurring collagen for joint and tendon health… Whole Feast is the ultimate protein upgrade that’s low-carb and keto-friendly to easily build muscle and unearth the warrior-beast within.
  • LIVER KING BAR (with LIVER!)is the hormone optimizing, alpha organizing, dessert-worthy, primal snack bar loaded with the most alpha food on earth (liver) and the LK functional toppings to conquer cravings, promote satiety, and energy. Some say it’s expensive but price is what you pay, value is what you get. If you want more, do more. It’s the only bar of it’s kind, period. The Liver King Bar is the ultimate high-fat, low-carb, protein bar upgrade for alpha organisms, warrior-beasts and kings.
Having MOOOOAAAR muscle commands self-respect.
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Cutout of mountains
HEART - supports that which our drive and determination originates from…nuff said! Bovine heart also nourishes our heart/cardiovascular health, neurotransmitter function, and ATP energy production in the mitochondria so we can take massive action... the richest source of the ultimate energy-boosting, anti-aging enzyme: CoQ10 and provides proteins, peptides, enzymes and cofactors exclusively expressed in heart tissue that support athletic performance. Reclaim your strength, drive and dominance.
LIVER - was (still is) prized and devoured by alpha organisms in the wild and provides fundamental nutrient building blocks that are missing in the modern world like real bioavailable vitamin A (retinol), glandular-derived vitamin B12, choline, folate and heme iron to support virtually all biological functions including methylation, detoxification, and blood filtration. It’s true… “liver is king” — Liver King.
ALMOND BUTTER - was regularly on the menu for blood-thirsty Spartan warriors… so it was said they prepared a notorious black broth of blood and boiled pig’s leg, along with side dishes such as almonds, other fruits, and meats. A great source of protein with just the right amount of fiber (to hedge, of course). Packed with vitamins B3 and E, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. This power food contains fatty acids that aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E, and K.

Cutout of mountains

Higher Quality

All of The Fittest Supplements are third party tested and verified for purity and potency

Our nose-to-tail product line is always from animals born and raised without the use of pesticides, hormones or antibiotics

Freeze-drying preserves the heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals and co-factors leaving the nutrients in the same balance found in nature

Absolutely No Fillers, NO FLOW AGENTS, NO Allergens