Fittest Lifestyle Stack

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Foundational support for health, sleep, recovery and accountability. It's time to get started.

Whole Beast Flavor: Milk Chocolate


  • All of The Fittest Supplements are third party tested and verified for purity and potency
  • Our nose-to-tail product line is always from animals born and raised without the use of pesticides, hormones or antibiotics
  • Freeze-drying preserves the heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals and co-factors leaving the nutrients in the same balance found in nature
  • Absolutely No Fillers, NO FLOW AGENTS, NO Allergens

What's In the Stack

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Whole Feast

Our 100% natural, Sweden sourced, grass fed beef protein isolate is packed with all 8 essential amino acids, including all 3 BCAAs and naturally occurring collagen amino acids like glycine and proline. With 21g of protein per serving, you can easily build muscle and unearth the beast within.


Liver & Bone Marrow are nature's most nutrient dense superfoods that support virtually all biological functions... cell repair, energy metabolism, methylation, detoxification, blood filtration & hormone production. Liver & Bone Marrow provide deep nourishment for the growth and development of healthy bones, teeth, gums, skin, hair, and nails.


REST provides all the essential minerals, electrolytes, and compounds to support healthy circadian rhythm, sleep cycles, and latency. In the modern world, we no longer have access to mineral-rich soils and artificial lights bombard our natural melatonin secretion. Give your biology what it deserves for a deep slumber so that you can recover, repair, recharge, and awaken the next morning ready to dominate.

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