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HUMANS used to be the fittest

You are reading this today only because our ancestors evolved to become the fittest mammalian predator.
How could they do it? The answer is clear:

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The Three Foundations


Move the way we were meant to:
compete, lift heavy shit, exert strong physical effort, run, swim, climb, jump, throw, drag, be fit.
Do one, or do them all, just move.


Heal the way we were meant to:
Eat a nose-to-tail diet, avoid processed foods, get grass-fed and grass-finished products, eat local, support your farmers, drink plenty of water. 
If you do this, you’ll heal from the inside out.


Enjoy the sun over your head and the earth beneath your feet, sleep with the stars and rise with the sun, don’t sit on your phone, love your family and friends None of these are negotiable, do them all!

Got Questions? We Have Answers:

What is nose-to-tail?

It’s the way our species have been eating since we can be called humans: the full animal, horns to hooves, internal organs and muscle meat, fat, the whole animal.

Is it effective?

The Fittest proudly owns over 800,000 years of testing with a successful result. This is real nourishment, you can try it right now, and find out yourself.

How can I eat nose-to-tail?

You can eat fresh organs and bone marrow as a part of your daily diet, or you can stack up with our products, they’re the closest thing to the real grass-fed organs.

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