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Transform your Health.
Become the Fittest.

The most nutrient dense protein powder crafted from grass-fed beef protein and 7 beef organs. ZERO added sugar.

🚀 Powerful Energy

🌿 Muscle Protein Synthesis

⚡ Robust Immune Function

🌟 Mental Clarity & Mood

The Fittest Difference

Putting Back in What the Modern World Left Out

Todays Modern Problem

Today's world of processed junk food, added sugars, seed oils, and low nutrient dense diets has left us weak, malnourished, and unequipped to live the long, vibrant lives we are capable of

The Animal Based Solution

We have abandoned the ways which led us to become the most successful species on the planet. This includes eating they entire animal, prioritizing daily movement and sunshine, and creating space for proper sleep and recovery

Grass Fed Beef Protein Powder

Animal-based ingredients like beef protein, liver, heart, and kidney, are some of the most nutrient dense ingredients on earth. Lean protein, vitamins, mineral, cofactors, enzymes, and essential fats for complete nourishment.