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Longevity Stack


Unlock the Path to Longevity with The Whole Feast, Armor, and Charge! This potent longevity stack is meticulously crafted to support overall health, enhance resilience, and promote vitality.

Charge your days with the comprehensive nutrition.

  • The Whole Feast: Providing a symphony of nutrients from our organs blend along with beef isolate protein and rich in collagen.

  • Armor: Shield your bones and joints with natures most powerful ingredients to make you bulletproof.

  • Charge: Rich in DHA and sphingomyelin to support brain health, cognition, and focus.


Milk Chocolate

Butter Vanilla

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Nutrition as Nature Intended

Our Nose To Tail product line is nature's perfect multi-vitamin. Others would say fancy words like bioavailability and optimization. We say it works. You'll feel the difference, we guarantee it.

I didn’t notice anything immediate (probably because I eat such a clean carnivorish diet) but after about a week of consistency I noticed when I missed a day! I felt less energy and less mentally clear. This is an amazing product.

Noah F.

Verified Customer


Whole Feast
621 Reviews

Our 100% natural, Sweden sourced, grass fed beef protein isolate is packed with all 8 essential amino acids, including all 3 BCAAs and naturally occurring collagen amino acids like glycine and proline. With 21g of protein per serving, you can easily build muscle and unearth the beast within.


21 Reviews

ARMOR is forged by combining three of nature's most robust superfoods for tissue regeneration, improved mobility, and joint reinforcement... Living Collagen, Living Bone & Green Shelled Muscle. Protect and support The Fittest version of you by strengthening your ARMOR.


19 Reviews

CHARGE was inspired after the alpha predator wolf… calm and in control. Head of the pack and knows when to turn it on. Unlike anything in the nootropic market, our stimulant-free, caffeine-free, jitter-free supplement combines nature's most nutrient-dense superfoods for targeted neurotrophic brain support — beef brain, wild-caught fish eggs and beef liver to support peak mental performance, focus, memory and calm alpha energy to dominate the day and win at life.


Lifestyle levers

The 9 Ancestral Tenets teach you small steps to optimize your everyday habits. It's our responsibility to recreate an environment similar to our ancestors if we wish to thrive in the modern world


On the hierarchy of health, sleep trumps almost everything else!


Devour The whole animal


Become the Fittest, most dominant version of yourself.


Modern dangers are stealthy and take work to avoid


Connect directly to the Earth


Treat injury and recover faster


Get Out In the sun


What does "fight" mean?


Bonding is essential for survival

Longevity Stack

1x Whole Feast

1x Armor

1x Charge.

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The fittest programming

Your biology, psychology, and physiology require struggle to express their most dominant form. We're here to help you define, prioritize, execute, and dominate that struggle to become The Fittest version of you. Our programming has 3 tiers:

Level 1

Prioritize: You're new (ish) to this. You prioritize consistent execution.

Level 2

Execute: You've built the habits. You're ready to execute at a higher level.

Level 3

Dominate: You're an alpha organism. You model, teach, and preach to improve the lives of your tribe.

World Class Strength & Conditioning

Gain access to a world of fitness expertise tailored to elevate your performance. Receive The Fittest Weekly Workout Program straight to your inbox every week. Dominate!

This is the third product I have tried from this line and it is also of superior quality and effectiveness. I am 62, look 42 and feel 22 and I am not kidding.

Dorothy P.

Verified Customer

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