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Fittest Lifestyle Starter Pack

Free Workouts & 1:1 Coaching

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Everything you need to start the journey to the fittest version of yourself

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Whole Feast

The Most Complete Protein Powder in Existence


Workouts & 1:1 Coaching

Daily Workouts & Expert Guidance








Workouts & 1:1 Coaching

Daily Workouts & Expert Guidance


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Nutrition, Customer Support & Coaching. All-in-one.

The Fittest makes nose-to-tail nourishment possible for everyone by offering carefully sourced animal-based supplements with holistic health in mind. Backed by top-tier customer service, we ensure a seamless experience, prioritizing your needs. Our diverse workout programs cater to all fitness levels, fostering a community that empowers peak physical and mental states.


Foundational support for health, sleep, recovery and accountability. It's time to get started. 


    The most complete protein supplement in existence. The Whole Feast is an animal-based, 100% natural, New Zealand and Sweden-sourced, grass-fed beef protein isolate. Packed with all 8 essential amino acids, all 3 BCAAs and loads of naturally occurring collagen for joint and tendon health.


    REST provides all the essential minerals, electrolytes, and compounds to support healthy circadian rhythm, sleep cycles, and latency. Give your biology what it deserves for a deep slumber so that you can recover, repair, recharge, and awaken the next morning ready to dominate.


    The foundation of an advanced athletic training and nutrition regimen that supports overall fundamental health. Honor the fittest version of yourself by consuming two of nature's most nutrient dense superfoods, Liver and Bone Marrow, to build strength, power & earth conquering dominance.


    Our expert team offers personalized strategies for your fitness journey, ensuring support at every step. Whether you target peak performance or holistic change, our team will empower you and keep you accountable to your goals in realtime.

    Tailored Workouts

    Free workout programming will be delivered to you weekly as a part of a holistic regimen and plan to help you on the path to become #TheFittest version of yourself. Programming has multiple tiers to customize to your needs and goals.

     1:1 Coaching  

    We take care of Tribe. While other brands charge thousands, we offer 1:1 coaching direct to your inbox free of charge. Our world-class coaches guide you step-by-step, providing personalized insights and motivation to achieve your goals.

  • Animal-Based Nutrition

    Embrace the primal power of whole-animal nutrition, a formula meticulously crafted with beef isolate and nine organ meats, providing your body with a spectrum of vital nutrients.

  • Strength Amplification

    Fuel your strength journey with a potent blend designed to enhance physical prowess, providing the essential building blocks your body craves for peak performance.

  • Muscle Synthesis

    Elevate protein synthesis to new heights, as The Whole Feast supports mTOR activation, ensuring your muscles have the necessary resources for growth, repair, and sustained dominance.

  • Energy Optimization

    Experience sustained energy levels with the balanced combination of nutrients, ensuring you're primed for action throughout your day and workouts.

  • Hormone Support

    Unlock the benefits of hormone optimization through nutrient-dense organ meats, promoting a harmonious balance that contributes to overall well-being and vitality.

  • Recovery Enhancement

    Turbocharge your recovery process, providing your body with the tools it needs to bounce back faster and stronger, setting the stage for your next conquest.

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Customer testimonials

  • Hilary


    My son has multiple food allergies and food fear from anaphylaxis. The chocolate whole feast powder provides excellent nutrition for growing bodies and tastes so good, even the pickiest eater will love it! He and his friends enjoy this powder as after school "protein" hot chocolate or before basketball practice smoothie. I can cram tons of greens in the blender with and they taste great. When textures get in the way of him eating many vegetables, this has become our go-to nutrition! Finally a protein powder with no allergens and no chalky taste. My daughter who won't eat meat, drinks this and it helps her thrive as a competitive Irish dancer. Being a nurse, soon to be nurse practitioner, and functional medicine health coach I understand the excellent nutrition being delivered in this protein powder. I am humbled by what I know, yet, what I can't force down my children's throat when it comes to food. Thank you for this product!

  • Diego


    I always knew dissecated organ supplements worked, but i never knew that they could work to this level and so fast. I have been taking King for about 5 weeks now and my energy, focus, drive and my lifts at the gym are much better. I have not done a testo test but im confident saying that I must have been relatively low and now Im better based on how I feel and perform. I bought two additional bottles and will be using it. This is better that the riskier testo replacement hormones since it does not have the side effects.

  • Melanie


    My once-high libido was decimated after I got a hormonal birth control implant placed, and even after I had the implant removed it continued to be low and sluggish for years. I tried everything I could think of in terms of lifestyle changes, diet changes, and supplementation to improve it, and while I saw other health benefits from those efforts, nothing restored my libido to what it used to be. When I tried Queen I had very low expectations and was hoping that if nothing else it could at least improve my hormonal health and resolve some slight irregularities in my menstrual cycle that had developed recently. Well, literally within one day of taking it my libido skyrocketed, much to my astonishment. I've been taking it for over a week now and those benefits have persisted. And (apologies for the TMI) not only has my libido improved but when I orgasm it feels amazing compared to how it felt before, it's much more satisfying. Highly, highly recommend this for anyone looking for libido support.

  • Mark


    Ditch your pre workout and go buy a bottle of Ignite!! Amazing product; boosts energy the right way through organs; you don’t need energy drinks or coffee all you need is Ignite; I used to have coffee twice a day but not since taking Ignite; this stuff is the real deal and more beneficial than pre workout bs. Buy a bottle take it once or twice a day! Your welcome

  • Ryan


    No one can dispute that liver is hands down the undisputed nutrition champ. Nature's multivitamin. I love eating liver, but have the hardest time staying consisten because it is hard to find a consistently reliable source. HONOR has helped me stay consistent when I don't have access to fresh liver and bone marrow. Here's to the fittest versions of ourselves!

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